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A night at the Phil

As life is getting back to normal, so are the photographic opportunities. I was lucky enough to have exclusive backstage access to Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall last week for the inaugural Lord Mayor’s Gala. It was a great event featuring some fine home-grown talent and attended by a bevy of Merseyside dignitaries – who became affectionally known as the Chain Gang.

The Chain Gang

This was the first time I’ve spent the whole of a show backstage – kids were performing so photography of the show was a no-no, safeguarding and all that. I did manage to sneak onstage a couple of times though and it’s a mighty fine view! Gary Skyner, one of the oldest survivors of thalidomide, asked me if I’d get a shot of him on the stage and I was happy to oblige. He’s a brilliant comic, worth seeing if you get the chance.

Gary Skyner's moment on the stage

Other acts on the bill included the near-legendary poet Levi Tafari, Perfectly Frank and Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash formerly of Frankie GoesTo Hollywood

Gary Skyner and Levi Tafari

Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall is a magnificent Art Deco building and I wish I’d had the chance to explore it more - which reminds me, I must get a decent shot of the exterior! All the staff I encountered were delightful and I hope to work there again. It was good to be back doing what I love.

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