• Andy Green

I'm back!

I’ve been taking photographs since I was 12, my first camera was a Zenit E – it should still be around the house somewhere. Photography has been a passion since then; I’m usually quite shy and unassuming but once I’ve got a camera around my neck, I’m Mr Confident, quite happy to engage with total strangers and even be a bit assertive! Funny how a prop can change how you interact with people.

I had to take a break from working over the last 4 years in order to look after my dad, something I was very happy to do. My dad’s gone now so I need to get back into it – I have plans, big plans.

I sometimes suffer from imposter syndrome but the reactions I get to my photography reassures me that I’m quite good at what I do.

I had a ball on Sunday night at Kitty’s Show Bar – Pauline Daniels was on and she’s a star turn – she knows when the camera is pointing at her too, always a help.

Anyway, I’m back in business and look forward to announcing some exciting stuff soon x

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